The decade 2000-2010
31 school shootings - 41 fatalities - 60 injuries

The decade 2010 to present
30 shootings - 61 fatalities - 38 injuries

Intruders often must force entry into a school and move from room to room

Upon 1st notice, discharge of gunfire or announcement from administrators the Z SafeLock requires

10 seconds to secure

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About ZSafeLock

In the unfortunate situation of a violent intruder, time is critical - measured in seconds.

The ZSafeLock can be in place in ten seconds, preventing an intruder from entering a classroom of children.

The amount of students and classrooms

In America

-Approximately 79,000,000 students

-Approximately 2,633,333 classrooms

In Colorado Springs

-Approximately 854,000 K-12 students

-Approximately 35,583 K-12 classrooms