Z safe lock is:

  • Simple
  • Low cost
  • Requires no installation
  • Works like a champ

Stands out because:

  • Stored until needed
  • Affixed in 10 seconds
  • Designed by mechanical and civil engineer

intellectual property:

  • Product validation & testing have led to redesign

  Customer Acquisition

  • Colorado 756,000  students = 30,000 classrooms
  • Nationally  79 million students =  over 3 million classrooms


  • Sales and marketing strategy build upon the National mood
  • Target high profile legislative advocates
  • email /digital material including marketing collateral and a graphic design video of product demo and prototype or sample
  • Follow up directly with Superintendents & School Boards & in those local areas via phone and email
  • Website Internet and SEO


  • Contact school districts through phone and email and appointment setter to establish appointment
  • Product demonstration and ask for the order
  • State trade shows CASE & CASB

Revenue Model

  • Cost plus